So, now I shall share my favorite moments from Volume 8!

Also, Volume 8, 10, and 11 came in, but I have to wait on 9! Well, I’ll just read a leetle bit of 10…

Oh, wait! First… *puts on shipper goggles* There we go! All ready now!

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quicksilver-ink said: Volume 8, isn’t that the one where Nadir puts on a drag show? Oh wait that was Mith’s fanfic, my bad.

wow QSI rude way to get my hopes up

Today’s character is Gunde!

I really love the cave dwarves of Falena. They’re less snobbish than their Toran counterparts, and I really like the different characters you get to encounter.

Gunde’s friendship with Logg is kind of cute.

But you know, I’ve kind of hit the wall with Gunny. (Tee.) Other than the fact that he likes to dig, I don’t really see that much to say about him?

Well, except that I do like how he thinks Logg couldn’t possibly have a daughter who’s as pretty as Lun…until she opens her mouth, that is.



By special request, here’s a bathtime conversation: Dios, Salome, and Caesar.

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Caesar, honey, have you -looked- at your family tree lately?

I remember you saying that you think Albert would age like a typical Silverberg. I was wondering what you meant by that? I’m dying to know, especially in light of this comment here. Share with me your Silverberg aging headcanon!

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OMGOMGOMGOGMOGM my manga’s here!

Volume 8 of the Suikoden III manga!

Finally I get to see what happens next!!!

Just for fun, I wrote about how each of the adults in the S3 108 would react to being in a sex shop. Well, for now, it’s only A-M.

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By special request, here’s a bathtime conversation: Dios, Salome, and Caesar.

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Last, but definitely not least, a mere bishop of Harmonia but the High Priest of Sass, the adorable and sexy priest-general who has class, wit, and just a hint of woobishness, loved by Calerian children and not a small number of tumblr users, His Holiness Bishop Sasarai of Holy Harmonia!

SPOILERS for Suikoden III and Water Margin!

Note that I kept the literal translation of a phrase that would have sounded less awkward if I had written “very kind” instead, but I kept it because it amused me and hey, this is an amateur translation, anyway. You’ll know it when you see it.

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